for Commodities

eVISO is a digital company that creates value
for recurring users of commodities.

The Company

Our Values

Data & AI

We collect, cluster and analyze billions of Big Data through an automated proprietary AI platform to elaborate forecasts optimizing volume and pricing

Collective intelligence

We want to create a collective intelligence that will turn the trading of commodities into smart decisions, predictable growth and an healthier planet


Thanks to our scalable capability we can rapidly gain market share using the efficiency of our AI platform

The Platform

Energy for Direct Clients

Energy supply for all types of users, technological solutions and consulting for energy efficiency of companies.



Personal area where eVISO customers can view documents and information on the supply of energy, download bills and request practice in complete autonomy.


Energy for Reseller

Electricity supply and technology solutions to help Resellers better serve more and more end-customers throughout Italy.



The portal that allows resellers to request the most common energy practices, track the status of the paperwork on a daily basis and be able to respond to customer needs, significantly reducing customer management costs.



SmartMele is the Marketplace for Apples where you can plan and control your apple trading in a data-driven platform.



The Business Intelligence platform for the economic and financial management of all energy supply points.


Investor Relations

The board of directors approved the half-year report as at 31 december 2021

Strong increase in terms of users and volumes for all commodities traded. The number of users served in the electricity commodity rises to 139,000 (+406% YOY), the energy delivered to 342 MWh (+90% YOY)

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eVISO SpA company presentations

eVISO presentation available in English

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News & Media

news 28 July 2022

Nuove risorse eVISO: Catia Rossi Corinaldesi

Ecco chi è il nuovo punto di riferimento per i consulenti eVISO della zona di Torino

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news 12 July 2022

Federica Berardi, CFO eVISO, premiata con il “CFO AWARD”

Saluzzo (CN), 12 luglio 2022 – eVISO S.p.A. (EVS.MI) – società digitale, quotata all’EGM, con una infrastruttura di intelligenza artificiale […]

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news 7 July 2022

eVISO premiata al “PMI AWARD 2022 – Le Strade dell’Eccellenza”

L’evento organizzato da Italia Informa è dedicato alle imprese italiane che si sono distinte per vivacità e capacità di adattarsi a scenari complessi

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news 30 June 2022

eVISO premiata alla VII edizione del “Premio Eccellenza Formazione”

A testimonianza degli investimenti e dei progressi fatti nella formazione, eVISO ha ricevuto la menzione “Empowerment innovativo” per la categoria “Digitale e Innovazione”

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news 23 June 2022

Nuove risorse eVISO: Andrea Rubiolo, Software Developer

Conosciamo in questa intervista Andrea Rubiolo, Software Developer eVISO.

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Job opportunities

eVISO is hiring to follow up on its 2020-2024 Business Plan.
Whether you are a 50 year old looking for new challenges, a working mom or a young graduate, eVISO is your opportunity!

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