eVISO: boosts the digital infrastructure to accelerate growth in the power-tech sector

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15 December 2023, 07:51

eVISO: boosts the digital infrastructure to accelerate growth in the power-tech sector


Saluzzo (CN), 15 december 2023 eVISO S.p.A. (simbolo: EVISO) – COMMOD-TECH company, listed on the EGM, with a proprietary artificial intelligence infrastructure that operates in the raw materials sector (electricity, gas, apples) – communicates the update of the proprietary digital infrastructure aimed at further improving the quality of the services offered and the operational efficiency of the Company.


Gianfranco Sorasio, CEO of eVISO, commented: The further enhancement of our proprietary digital infrastructure increases our growth capacity in the POWER-TECH sector by approximately 10 times. With 2024 shaping up to be a period of notable expansion, we aim to consolidate our leadership position by offering more advanced and timely services to our customers. This investment reflects our ongoing commitment to innovation and operational excellence to successfully face the challenges of a rapidly evolving market that pushes us to update and make the proprietary digital platform increasingly efficient. The liberalization of the market and the strong development of renewable energy will allow eVISO to attract an ever-increasing number of customers for both energy and gas. The purpose of this update is twofold: on the one hand to improve the operational efficiency of the Company and on the other to increase the number of services offered to our customers”.


2024 will be a year full of growth opportunities in the POWER-TECH sector, thanks to the complete liberalization of the energy and gas sales market and the growing interest in renewable energy. To fully seize all the development opportunities that will arise from these market dynamics, eVISO has decided to strengthen its proprietary digital infrastructure on multiple fronts.



In the gas sector, eVISO has modified and updated its gas purchasing infrastructure. Starting from November 1st, eVISO became a “gas dispatching user”, purchasing gas directly on the wholesale market, following a consolidated model already adopted for years in the energy sector, and thus strategically positioning itself to cover the entire value chain. The structural change has become essential as the Company expects significant growth in the gas sector. This growth is estimated following the liberalization of the market, with the prospect of 6 million users leaving the protected market. In addition, starting from September 2023 the Company began operating in the reseller segment, as well as in the direct channel, also for the supply of gas. The infrastructure will allow both direct customers and the dozens of reseller customers already supplied on the energy side to be served in an economical and scalable way. The update of the gas infrastructure will allow eVISO to manage a number of users ten times higher than the current capacity, to reduce supply costs and to secure contracts with institutional counterparties.



In the energy sector, the National Plan provides for a strong push towards renewable energy with a 400% increase in photovoltaic systems by 2030 and a consequent increase in the number of systems, currently close to 1 million independent units. eVISO, to date, purchases energy from dozens of photovoltaic systems and hundreds of energy customers have a self-consumption photovoltaic system on their roof. In view of this evolution, the Company has strengthened the forecasting infrastructure for energy production from renewable sources. Specifically, the new production forecasting algorithms are much faster and, as a result, the number of plants for which it is possible to forecast future production on an hourly basis, one forecast every hour, will increase from the current capacity by approximately 150 systems/hour to approximately 5000 systems/hour, equivalent to an hourly management capacity of 5% of the Italian fleet. At the same time, the precision of the production forecast will increase by 25%, reducing the average forecast error from 15% to 12%, thus cutting the “imbalance” costs charged by TERNA to wholesalers in proportion to the errors.



The digital infrastructure update also increased TECH services towards the RESELLERS channel. eVISO has been sending its corporate customers sophisticated reports for years with hourly load curves, efficiency suggestions and a series of data analytics. The ability of the proprietary platform to provide monitoring services has also been extended to the consumption points of corporate customers managed by resellers. After an initial phase of providing the service to a first reseller, the platform has been approved for industrialization and starting from 2024 it will be possible to extend the service to all reseller operators who sign up to the commercial proposal. This service will generate recurring margins, allowing the winning eVISO proposal to also be extended to the users of reseller SMEs.



The update of the proprietary infrastructure has allowed the total digitalization of the sales process, in order to be able to easily accommodate the opportunity of market liberalization. In detail, the release allows the direct sales force to access lead, contract, switch, practices and commission processes in digital form. This release increases the contract loading capacity by 4 times. This update represents an opportunity to scale the organic growth of the direct sales network, currently concentrated in the province of Cuneo and Piedmont, also towards other regions such as Liguria which have since proven receptive to eVISO services.



eVISO has concluded the first training phase of a specific GPTs, based on GPT4, capable of responding quickly and expertly to questions from users and collaborators on specific issues of energy and eVISO services: explanation of the bill, reports, of energy dynamics etc. The GPTs called “eVISO Quick Responder”, already available to all eVISO collaborators, interprets eVISO’s vision of how specific training is one of the sustainable and not easily replicable competitive advantages in the use of Artificial Intelligence Language Models accessible to the general public.


Carlo Cigna, director of Algo Intelligence, said: “Improving the ability to analyze and forecast details in a rapidly evolving market subject to sudden changes between supply and demand, particularly with regards to renewable sources, is an important step. This allows us not only to diversify our sources of energy supply, but also to enhance the contribution of small producers and self-consumers. Their contribution is fundamental not only for the sector, but also for the protection of the environment. By scaling our vision capacity to a detailed level, we will be able to more effectively support the development of a sustainable and inclusive market, to the benefit not only of ourselves but of the community.”


Joao Wemans, DSP team director, said: “The upgrade of our digital infrastructure marks an important step for eVISO. It reflects our commitment to advanced digitalisation and artificial intelligence, optimizing operational efficiency and service quality in response to market liberalization in 2024 and increased interest in renewable energy. This year represents a pivotal moment for eVISO, leveraging these technological innovations to capitalize on opportunities and deliver higher-value solutions to our customers.”


Sergio Amorini, Director of Business Development, declared: “The monitoring, reporting and energy management services, in a word the power-tech services, are a unique competitive advantage of eVISO in the SME segment. By strengthening the platform, Resellers who subscribe to the additional offer can also offer their customers the same type of service, thus increasing margins, reducing the churn-rate and improving the energy efficiency of the production sites of the utilities managed”.




This press release is available in the Investor Relations section of the website www.eviso.ai.

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