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8 July 2024, 13:58
eVISO: the resolution of the Extraordinary Meeting of Shareholders of 20 june 2024 has been registered in the company register

Start of the deadline for the exercise of the right of withdrawal by shareholders

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4 July 2024, 19:53

DOWNLOAD THE PDF Saluzzo (CN), 4 July 2024 – eVISO S.p.A. (simbolo: EVISO) – COMMOD-TECH company, listed on the EGM, […]

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Assemblea straordinaria eVISO
20 June 2024, 17:00
eVISO: Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting

DOWNLOAD THE PDF Saluzzo (CN), 20 June 2024 – eVISO S.p.A. (simbolo: EVISO) – COMMOD-TECH company, listed on the EGM, […]

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CS eVISO assemblea straordinaria
4 June 2024, 13:24
eVISO: notice of the extraordinary shareholders’ meeting published

DOWNLOAD THE PDF Saluzzo (CN), 4 June 2024 – eVISO S.p.A. (simbolo: EVISO) – COMMOD-TECH company, listed on the EGM, […]

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CS eVISO avviso assemblea straordinaria
3 June 2024, 22:34
eVISO convocation of the Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting

The Board of Directors has resolved to propose to the Shareholders' Meeting the following amendments to the articles of association: - the issue of multiple voting shares; - the ability to provide that the intervention and exercise of the right to vote in the meeting may take place exclusively through the designated representative; - the insertion of the casting vote of the president of the board of directors Approval of an incentive plan reserved for the management of the company and its implementing regulation

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CS eVISO 04.06.24
15 May 2024, 15:27
eVISO: unaudited preliminary results for the period July 2023–March 2024

Preliminary 9 months FY23-24 Gross Margin between €12.4 million and €13.0 million • Total energy supplied equal to 671 GWh • Total gas supplied equal to 3.6 million cubic metres • Net Financial Position (cash positive) at €5.4 million • Rolling customer base over 12 months exceeds half a million units (+26% YOY)

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Easy - My eVISO mobile App
3 May 2024, 14:22
In view of market liberalization, eVISO launches the new APP “Easy – My eVISO” to accelerate growth in the retail segment

The new app will be able to manage up to 400,000 users (15X compared to the 31 thousand users managed in the first half of 2023-2024)

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Semestrale 23-24_eVISO
28 March 2024, 14:01
eVISO: the board of directors approves the half-yearly report July – December 2023

Best half-year results ever: ebitda at €5.4 million, with gross margin at €8.3 million and net result in strong growth to €2.4 million 400,000 users managed, over 200% growth in unit margins and significant increase in volumes delivered confirm the scalability of eviso's business model

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eVISO Risultati unaudited fy 23-24
14 February 2024, 12:20
eVISO: unaudited preliminary results for the semester July–December 2023

READ THE PRESS RELEASE Preliminary half-year gross margin between €8 million and €8.4 million (about 4X YoY) Total energy delivered […]

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