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eVISO offices use certified 100 percent energy from renewable sources, have the latest generation of highly efficient heating/cooling system.


With monitoring sensor technology and a technical advisory program that includes monthly reports, alerts in case of abnormal consumption, and site visits by trained engineers, eVISO helps companies reduce their consumption by providing targeted efficiency recommendations based on their energy profile. (link)


eVISO’s internally developed technology for forecasting consumption, energy prices, and market dynamics constantly efficiencies procurement operations to support the energy supply chain. The forecast data, processed in-house, is also shared daily in order to support our customers’ consumption decisions. (link)


Agreement to strengthen and digitize the Piedmont agricultural supply chain with AGRION, a foundation committed to promoting and implementing research, innovation and technological development in agriculture. (link)


Collaboration agreement with FEDERESCO, an association representing ESCo (energy service companies), to promote energy efficiency and the most innovative technologies for reducing consumption.(link)

Home Savings Guide
, developed by eVISO where all useful and most easily applicable information is collected for home consumption efficiency and dissemination of environmental best practices.(link)

Campaigns to raise awareness among its corporate and domestic customer base to purchase energy from renewable energy sources, through supply proposals that directly include warranty certificates, at the same cost of purchase (link).

Promoting the development of renewable energy sources with campaigns to purchase energy from existing and newly built photovoltaic systems. One of the main difficulties for the construction of new plants, in the absence of incentives, is the stability of revenues. For this reason, eVISO offers contracts for the purchase of energy from renewable source plants, even on a long-term basis. (Link)

Helping pollinating insects: a flowering oasis in the photovoltaic park.

To demonstrate the active role that renewable energy can play on the environment, eVISO sowed 6,000 linear meters of essences within a photovoltaic park to help the biodiversity and activity of prònubi insects, the very important pollinating insects, of which the indispensable bees are part. (Link)

Supply chain agreement with COMPRAL LATTE – INALPI to promote the use of 100 percent energy from renewable sources.

Seventy-eight percent of the farms led by the members use renewable sources, a path characterized by steady growth over time, which is also the result of an economic return linked to the indexing of the price at the barn, and whose goal is to reach 100 percent of the conferents within a year,” reads the statement released by Compral Latte. A goal also achieved thanks to the agreement signed with eVISO for the supply of 100 percent certified energy from renewable sources. (link)

Information evenings on the subject: what can be done concretely to save money?
eVISO offers widespread information evenings on the subject of expensive energy, a topic of great topicality both for those who have a business and for those who use energy and gas in a domestic environment. (Link)

Water and energy are double-bind issues.

eVISO supports farms in improving awareness of water and power consumption associated with irrigation wells.(Link)



The eVISO GO, an event conceived in 2018 to enhance the cultural heritage of Saluzzo
, the city where the company was born, helping citizens become more aware and more attentive to the area, discovering the hidden beauties among the monuments and architectural assets of the historic center. Proceeds from membership are also entirely donated to third sector associations and voluntary organizations. link

eVISO supports education through scholarships to support training paths with high technological, artistic and cultural content
(for example, by supporting study paths at the Fondazione Alto Perfezionamento Musicale di Saluzzo and funding 5 scholarships as part of Cittadinanza Digitale per S.T.E.A.M., a project implemented by the Great Innova association and included in the call for proposals “New resources for the third sector and schools” promoted by the CRC Foundation, with the aim of reducing the digital divide in the province of Cuneo and improving digital inclusion (link)
eVISO has built an in-house corporate academy, with a dedicated training team to develop career paths for its employees.eVISO allocates a large budget to purchase books and magazines of corporate interest.A number of handbooks have been published, such as “eVOCE,” dedicated to communication processes among people (link), “eSQUAD”, “eFUTURE” and “eFACTORY” (link)

In June 2022, eVISO received the “Innovative Empowerment” mention for the “Digital and Innovation” category due to the eVISO “Digital Experience” training project implemented in 2021.

In eVISO, there is the possibility of organizing one’s working day with modular hours
, according to functional tasks and one’s personal needs. In addition, remote working is provided in order to facilitate personal organization and collaboration with out-of-region talents as well. (link)

eVISO is an official sponsor of a number of local sports entities and events,
believing sports to be a fundamental element for health and personal growth.(Link)

eVISO is the only Italian partner of the International Project SocialWatt
dedicated to the study and implementation of methods and tools to alleviate Poverty Poverty, a phenomenon that in 2019 affected more than 57 million people in Europe who could not keep their homes warm enough (link)

eVISO constantly informs the most vulnerable on how to access social bonuses. Electric and Gas Social Bonuses
are a support measure for citizens and families in economic or physical hardship, aimed at mitigating energy expenses. eVISO promptly informs on what to do to access. (link)

eVISO serves as a discussion partner with trade associations.
eVISO is a member of Unione Industriale – Cuneo, a member of ARTE (Association of Energy Resellers and Traders), Federesco (National Federation of ESCos (link).

Performance bonus. For years, eVISO has distributed a performance bonus to its employees upon the achievement
of certain company indicators. The result bonus is a tool for recognizing the work done by company professionals. (link).

Incentive Plan with distribution of Stock Options.
The objective of the Incentive Plan is to ensure that the interests of the Company’s directors, employees and coordinated and continuous collaborators are fully aligned with the interests of the Company’s shareholders and to activate a medium-term remuneration and incentive system capable of creating a strong link between the remuneration of these individuals and the creation of value for shareholders.
The Plan also aims to support the retention of the Company’s key resources in the medium term and to ensure that the overall remuneration of Beneficiaries remains competitive in the market. (link).



Three out of six members of the Board of Directors are independent.
The related party committee is also operational. (link)

At eVISO, work is underway to develop an organizational design that fosters distributed leadership and collective intelligence to make decision-making distributed and robust.

In eVISO, the workforce comes from 10 countries and is 46% female.

Distribution of decisions in order to mitigate operational risk.
In eVISO, operational decisions are made in cross-functional teams called SQUADs. As of March 2023, there are 32 operational SQUADs with over 1600 interactions recorded in the last 30 days. Each SQUAD has a specific, normed scope of decision-making. The decision scope, exclusive to each SQUAD, is mapped and accessible in real time by every member of the organization on an internal platform called ATLAS.

Distribution of information in order to make better decisions.
In eVISO, operational information, platform access links, documents, timesheets etc… are collected and available on a corporate intranet called eboard. Informed employees are effective employees.

Leadership development.
In eVISO, middle managers and emerging leaders have been included within a high-level training plan on the following topics: soft skills, management rigor, strategy, project management, and problem solving. Among the topics already covered are: Change Management, with Elena Giannino; Public Speaking and Effective Communication, with Alberto Solieri; Lego Serious Play – A method for building scenarios, sales networks and other projects, with Fabrizio Faraco (link)

Information Security and Systems Stability.
At eVISO we invest in improving the IT infrastructure, with the goal of consolidating the existing infrastructure, increasing internal network security and creating redundancy in operating systems. (link)

Division of powers: appointment of COO (Chief Operation Officer) Lucia Fracassi.
In order to foster a more balanced distribution of activities and responsibilities at the top management level, as of January 2022, the activities of optimizing the organizational structure in terms of management effectiveness and efficiency in order to ensure the achievement of corporate objectives and the operational direction of the strategic investment, development and management plan has been entrusted to Lucia Fracassi. She is entrusted with the preparation of the annual and multi-year plan of corporate activities as well as the enhancement of the professionalism present in eVISO, coordination and supervision of all corporate functions.(Link)

Alignment of interests: semi-annual performance management.
In order to align each employee’s interests with the individual and corporate development plan, each individual employee meets with his or her supervisor once every 6 months in face-to-face meetings to discuss issues highlighted in previously submitted questionnaires. Constant confrontation allows for the development of individuals and the timely handling of any critical issues.

Protection of information within the board: the AZEUS Convene portal.
The board portal enables digital board meetings among board members. The board portal software facilitates a protected environment for sharing confidential documents and information. It enables them to exercise governance and decision-making responsibilities despite working in remote workplaces. Choosing to use a board portal, also known as board management software, provides directors and trustees with the necessary communication and collaboration tools that simplify board packet preparation and document sharing, as well as many other activities related to board meetings. The AZEUS Convene portal, produced by software company AZEUS, has been awarded as the best board management portal in the U.S. in 2023

Cross-disciplinary sharing of communication methods, SQUAD operational operation, process organization, and innovation processes: the 4 eVISO books. eVISO is a fast-growing company.
New people may attach different meanings to words than people who have been with the company for a long time. Processes used by some groups may be different from other groups. The method of managing innovation may change between departments. To align all employees, work groups and managers on the meaning of words, importance of numbers, business dictionary, working method, leadership definition, meeting deadlines 4 books called: eVOCE – eSQUAD – eFACTORY and eFUTURE were created. In this way, we ensured the effectiveness of communication and the concrete reduction of risks arising from different interpretation of words, methods and processes.



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